Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Best Cycling Jersey Ever

Tuffy has been privy to a few different discussions recently regarding cycling fashion. In conversing with a BMC rep on Sunday, I think I put it the best way that I could:
"Listen: I'm not winning races, so style is the most important thing right now."

With that in mind, it is now up to you to decide on the best cycling jersey ever. Note your choice and rationale, if necessary, in the "Comments" section below.

[Ed: And don't offer your own jersey idea because you know I'm right about these five.]

Here we go...

Option 1: Molteni (1970s)
Most famously worn by the best cyclist ever, Eddy Merckx, and immortalized in the legandary documentary, "A Sunday in Hell".

Option 2: Brooklyn (1970s)
Another jersey made famous by "A Sunday in Hell", the Brooklyn team jersey was most notably worn by Roger de Vlaeminck.

Option 3: Domina-Vacanze (2003)
Ahh, yes. The famous Domina-Vacanze "zebra" jersey of 2003. While this jersey is incredibly unique by itself, it was made even more famous by adorning the shoulders of the crown prince of cycling fashion himself, "Super" Mario Cipollini.

Option 4: ONCE (2002)
On the surface of it, there's really not much special about this jersey worn by countless Tour de France failures (most notably Joseba Beloki, though he wore a pink version for his 2003 crash). However, the simple block-style lettering of team sponsor ONCE stands out from other teams' title sponsors. As well, the fact that there is an image of an individual with a walking stick is highly ironic for a professional cycling jersey. And finally, black and yellow always seem to go together nicely.

Option 5: Norwegian Champion (2000s)
No Norwegian champion has made this jersey more visible than Thor Hushovd of Credit Agricole. National champion's jerseys have to be here, as many of them are very stylish, and Norway's just happens to be the best of the lot thus far.


Anonymous Skidsy said...

If you were really about style you WOULD keep your jersey zipped-up.

All 5 are wrong. I don't even know where to begin except to tell you Molteni wasn't even the best looking jersey Merckx wore. That award goes to the super awesome Faema kit.

Tue Jul 11, 09:45:00 AM 2006

Blogger Pete said...

What about the Vuelta a EspaƱa's sprinter's jersey, also known as the fishy shirt??

Tue Jul 11, 10:21:00 AM 2006

Anonymous fil said...

you dont have a job right! you have the time to do a better job of researching things before you come up with this list.

Tue Jul 11, 10:30:00 AM 2006

Blogger Tuffy said...

If you were really about style you WOULD keep your jersey zipped-up.

Some people have a "pain face". Tuffy has a "pain zipper".

Tue Jul 11, 10:56:00 AM 2006

Blogger Super Rookie said...

The Norway jersey was awesome when he won stages, but that is no longer the case.

The best KIT ever is ON THAT LIST.

It is option #4.


Tue Jul 11, 11:48:00 AM 2006

Blogger Skibby said...

I've seen too many posers in that brooklyn jersey....

personally I liked the t-shirts the cutters wore in breaking away...

Tue Jul 11, 02:29:00 PM 2006

Anonymous Skidsy said...

Some people have a "pain face". Tuffy has a "pain zipper".

The pain zipper comes down pretty early in most races

Tue Jul 11, 05:21:00 PM 2006

Blogger StevenCX said...

The ONCE, for sure. The others have no sense of graphic design or advertising effectiveness. The Molteni isn't too bad, but the Domina-Vacanze is horrible - too busy, logos simply stacked on top of each other, tasteless. Of course that's my opinion of Mario too. But the ONCE is simple, well laid-out, aesthetically appealing, and effective for the sponsor, which is what it's all about.

Tue Jul 11, 08:39:00 PM 2006

Blogger Lunatic Biker said...

Those are my choices? You could get a King of the Mountains polka dot but Mrs looks better than any of you clowns would in that one. Get a Nature Valley so I have an excuse to run you over with my car. Just kidding, bro.

Wed Jul 12, 05:32:00 AM 2006

Blogger AdamB said...

Dude, the new Astana jersey is going to blow those other suckaz away. Better hold out for that one.

Wed Jul 12, 06:30:00 AM 2006


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