Monday, August 07, 2006

Ask An Anarchist, Part 2

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[Editor's Note: Recently (dis)pencer, the subject of this "Ask An Anarchist" series, filled in as "guest columnist" for Smithers during a Smithers Family vacation over at SmithersMPLS. In his introductory post, (dis)pencer identified himself as an anarchist. And, just like that, you have the makings of our "Ask An Anarchist" series.

The "Ask An Anarchist" series is for entertainment only. It represents the thoughts and ideas of two amateur philosophers, so don't take it for anything more than that. If you should cite this for any academic research project, you'll get what you deserve.

Without further ado, enjoy.]

Click here for "Ask An Anarchist, Part 1"

Tuffy's Question #2:
In your answer to Question 1, you essentially stated that in an anarchist system a larger nation-state form of government is replaced by smaller, more community-organized support structures. This sounds, in essence, like "tribalism" similar to that practiced in some places in the world today and that which was more widely practiced around the world during the pre-European exploration/exploitation era. The question, then is this: Aren't anarchists trading one "ill" for another, meaning that you would be discarding the nation-state approach and all of its "ills" in favor of a local tribal approach and similar "ills" that come with it? Don't the same "ills" exist in both, but simply on different scales? [By "ills", I'm referring to corruption, nepotism, discrimination, violence, wars, et cetera.]

(dis)pencer's Answer #2:
The idea is to first change the mentality, and then remove the power structure. So we don't repeat past mistakes.

If the people in your community think that corruption, nepotism, discrimination, violence, wars, et cetera, are acceptable it obivously will not work.

Don't misunderstand me. I'm not refering to a tribal sceniro where we should for little groups and go live in the wilderness. That is not feasible at this point in civilization. I see the cities of the world still existing and functioning under an anarchist ideal.

I don't think I will see my vision of the world in my lifetime, but i think it is important to start building the foundation now.


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