Thursday, November 10, 2005

This Week in Fogging (Nov 11)

[photo caption] Dan "The Common Man" Cole of KFAN (Mpls) -- a face made for radio.

This has been the shortest long week ever. Whatever that means. Here we go with This Week In Fogging...

For those of you scoring at home:
Sinus Infections: 2
Fogbot: 0

Best part about sick days:
Being able to listen to Dan "The Common Man" Cole on KFAN 1130 AM (Mpls).

Worst part about sick days:
Turning on the radio early and mistakenly catching "PA and Dubay" on the same station.

Would MN Senator Norm Coleman have broken ranks with Republicans on the budget bill had his been the deciding vote? I'm just asking.

A different season, a different pack of T-Wolves:
So far, they've been fun to watch. The Boston Sports Guy predicted before the season began that the Wolves would be much better than most people expected to be. He was either on to something or on something; my preliminary guess is the former.

They've been fun to watch and much, much more energetic on both ends of the floor. That said, I'm still not convinced that KG's back to 100% (and he hasn't looked that way for almost a full calendar year now).

I'm still worried about their chances for success after replacing half of their roster, as well.

Can David Stern see five feet in front of his face?:
David, the New Orleans / Oklahoma City Hornets have played exactly two (TWO!) games in Oklahoma City, and you've already stated that, "I can say without reservation that Oklahoma City is now at the top of the list [for expansion]."

Wha?!?!? TWO GAMES!!! TWO GAMES!!! C'mon, David! You're a lawyer, fer chrissakes! Have a sense of perspective!

Do you really think the OK Cty fans are still going to show up in February when this team is routinely losing by 20 and have been out of playoff contention for a month?


If you're ever in Manhattan:
Yama, 122 E. 17th St. Trust me.

Is there anyone left on the Terrell Owens bandwagon?:
Take it from a former coach who I speak to very often (most often when I talk to myself; sometimes in my sleep): You cannot be successful with bad people. You absolutely cannot -- and that goes for any walk of life. Business, sports, private life, wherever. You cannot be successful with bad people.

That said, I have to applaud the move made by the Philadelphia Eagles to part ways with Owens. It was, however, their colossal mistake to bring Owens aboard in the first place.

[photo caption] NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue, or just "Boo" to his posse.

As the Saints turn:
From ESPN.com, dated Thursday, November 10:
LOS ANGELES -- The NFL and city officials have reached a preliminary agreement on terms to bring a team back to the Los Angeles Coliseum, commissioner Paul Tagliabue said Thursday.

As I've been reporting for a few days now, something was up with the NFL and Los Angeles. Read on:

"I think the critical thing now is we're at the point where it's recognized, certainly by us, that the time is right," Tagliabue said. "We have to get agreements finalized. We'll be pursuing agreements in Anaheim. We're going to work with both communities for an agreement."

"The time is right", hunh? Seems to sound like some team is moving there fairly soon. Keep going:

"The NFL is going to have a say on who's going to come here. The Coliseum has no role in selecting a team," [L.A. City Council member Bernard] Parks said. Asked when it might happen, Parks replied: "I don't know. Nobody's signed anything. They've got to say they're coming."

"They're coming"? Hmm...sounds like there's a specific team in mind.

C'mon, NFL! Stop playing us for fools! There hasn't been a team in Los Angeles for ten years, there have only been a few mentions of a return to the area in the meantime, then, only a few months after the New Orleans Saints were made homeless, the NFL ramps up talks?

Listen: no one is saying that all of this doesn't make complete sense. But why hide behind vague announcements and innuendo? The only legitimate answer would be that the season is on-going. If an announcement isn't made putting the Saints in L.A. for the 2006 season soon after the culmination of the 2005 campaign, I'll have lost a lot of respect for Tagliabue and Co.


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