Thursday, May 11, 2006

Pizza! Pizza!

[photo caption] How didn't Minneapolis' Galactic Pizza make MSN's list? (photo courtesy GalacticPizza.com)

On the front page of MSN.com today was a feature presented by MSN's "Citysearch" arm. The article listed the top ten pizzas in your area based, it seemed, on consumer response.

Here is MSN-Citysearch's list for the Minneapolis - St. Paul metropolitan area. As someone who eats a lot of pizza, I've included my comments underneath each listing.

(Also note: some of these businesses have more than one location, so feel free to look up the location nearest you. The addresses listed are the ones included in the MSN article.)

1. Punch Neapolitan Pizza 704 Cleveland Ave S, St Paul, MN. This diminutive Highland Park pizzeria serves the most authentic pies in town.

Punch serves gourmet, traditional Italian pizza -- they've got the certification to prove it. While I generally like their fare, I have never found it filling. The price is very reasonable for something considered "gourmet", however.

2. Red's Savoy Inn and Pizza 421 Seventh St E, St Paul, MN. Some claim that this St. Paul dive has the best pizza in town.

Oh, man! This is the best "American-style" pizza out there. You want greasy? You want sloppy? You want filling? This is the place. What makes this spot even better is the occasional car/motorcycle missing the turn off of US Hwy 52 and slamming into their front entry area. I always enjoy restaurants where you physical well-being hangs in the balance!

3. Cossetta's Italian Market & Pizzeria 211 7TH St W, St Paul, MN. A bustling Italian eatery that's been serving home-style delicacies since 1911.

Mmmm, Cossetta's pizza. A great slice of New York-esque style pizza. Don't tell anyone, but the mostacolli's better.

4. Fat Lorenzo's 5600 Cedar Ave S, Minneapolis, MN. A lovable little Italian joint serving big pizza, lots of pasta and hot hoagies.

Never been there. But Fat Lorenzo, you're on my list.

5. Broadway Pizza - River Road 2025 W River Rd, Minneapolis, MN. Specialty pizzeria offers two kinds of crusts (New York thin or Chicago deep dish) for made-to-order pies; pickup, delivery, catering.

Again, never been there. But word-of-mouth is great. On a related note, one night last winter when I was under the influence of alcohol and the devil, my designated driver did a great job of avoiding a collision which would've totaled my car right in front of Broadway Pizza. Good job, designated driver!

6. Green Mill--Hennepin Avenue 2626 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN. This local pizza chain continues to shine, year after year and bite after bite.

Their pizza is above average, but what makes their pie great is:
1) Their interesting toppings
2) Their amazing happy hour (10pm-close) in which you can get a couple slices of pizza, split a pitcher of barley pop, and still not spend $10.

7. Pizza Luce 119 N 4th St, Minneapolis, MN. Hip Warehouse District pizzeria that's a perennial favorite with the late-night set.

Anytime you see "hip" in the description, you must (MUST) immediately think "overpriced" and "over-rated". Pizza Luce helped to inspire this altruism.

8. Arezzo Ristorante 5057 France Ave, Edina, MN. Pricey fare and charming Italian decor find a fit in this trendy neighborhood.

Who eats in Edina? Are you kidding?

9. Davanni's Pizza & Hot Hoagies - Hennepin Avenue 1138 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN. It offers everything you want in a hometown pizzeria.

Decent. Not my favorite, and I certainly don't frequent their establishments. In fact, I think I can clearly remember the crucial details of all three of my Davanni's visits.

10. Mama's Pizza 961 Rice St, Saint Paul, MN. Eating at Mama's doesn't seem like a formal restaurant experience. It feels more like, well--like eating at your mom's.

Go here for the pizza if you must (similar in style to Red's Savoy Inn -- see above), but make a special trip to Mama's just to take in the Rice St. freakshow that is so typical of the North End. Mama's also is one of the few restaurants remaining with personal size pay-per-view tv's in the booths.


Anonymous super rookie said...

mama's pizza is where i took my girlfriend for our first and last date while living in minnepolis! I think it has to do with going to como park.

I also think that Broadway has good pizza, but it was never a secret that the mostacholli is better at cossetta's


you and i got a lot of pizza to eat.

oh.....I hate pizza luce. pretentious pricks.

Thu May 11, 09:37:00 PM 2006

Anonymous plan b said...

i dig psycho suzi's deep dish.

also, green mill is overrated. i've had one good pie there, some vegetarian thing. else wise, either too salty or it had lame white garlic sauce.

damn, now i am super hungry.

galactic pizza is the shiznatch if you want sumpin different and have a lot of cash.

Fri May 12, 09:19:00 AM 2006

Blogger Pete said...

Red's Savoy. Hands down winner.

Fri May 12, 12:37:00 PM 2006


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