Saturday, September 30, 2006

Are you for serious?

Are you for serious?


So on Thursday I was riding northbound on the Mpls side of the river near Minnehahaha Academy when a car behind me honked, paused, then slammed on the accelerator and consciously whizzed perilously close to me as I pedaled along.

As the offending vehicle sped by me, I couldn't help but notice the "rainbow sticker" affixed to the rear-end of the car.

And I was puzzled.

Puzzled by the fact that someone who, by their personal behaviors and interests as a GLBT-oriented individual, tends to be marginalized in our society would go right ahead and marginalize another person based on my behaviors and tendencies as a bicyclist.

Well done, my GLBT friend! Hope you thought about the irony as much as I did!


Blogger AdamB said...

Maybe it's progress.

That is, maybe they don't feel as marginalized (which makes sense, or else maybe they wouldn't be so quick to advertise), or maybe they don't recognize your own vulnerable state as a cyclist.

More likely, probably just another asshole in a big hurry.

Sun Oct 01, 08:16:00 AM 2006

Blogger fil drummond said...

i had a very similar experience on that same day

Sun Oct 01, 08:16:00 AM 2006

Blogger Super Rookie said...

Maybe they were just pissed you didn't give them a reach around from the night before.

Sun Oct 01, 11:46:00 AM 2006

Blogger (dis)pencer said...

maybe they just saw a big straight SOB in the road, and decided to extoll a little revenge for years of bigotry...

that, or they liked you ass in lyrca, and honked, but then got embarrassed and sped off.

Mon Oct 02, 09:27:00 AM 2006

Blogger Jim said...

On Sunday, a friend and I were going east on West 7th. No other traffic, two lanes in each direction. A VW bus comes up behind us and starts honking. He then passes us within a foot rather than move into the other lane. The guy has John Kerry and Paul Wellstone bumper stickers, including a "What Would Wellstone Do?" sticker. He has to stop at the light forty feet in front of us. I ask him, through his window, "What would Wellstone do"? He threw his arm up in disgust at me.

I guess you don't really have to do anything in or for this world as long as you have a bumper sticker that expresses your intentions--a sort of newfound "I gave at the office" syndrome.

Mon Oct 02, 09:50:00 AM 2006

Blogger AdamB said...


You gotta live up to your bumper stickers!

Tue Oct 03, 08:02:00 AM 2006

Blogger SickBoy said...

Idiocy and ignorance know no demographic boundaries.

You never know, the guy in the Dubya-sticker-bearing Suburban that passes you safely out near Lake Minnetonka might be a triathlete who knows the perils of riding on the roads...

Tue Oct 03, 08:00:00 PM 2006

Blogger Pedro Saviterre said...

Ah, if only they really did hit you. Best of both worlds if you ask me. A dead biker and a jailed homosexual. One can dream...

Thu Oct 05, 02:32:00 PM 2006

Blogger Sascha said...

It was probably a United Colors of Benetton sticker ;)

Sat Oct 07, 06:32:00 PM 2006


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