Friday, September 15, 2006

Henry Sibley Shits the Bed

[image caption] "So, Phil, do you think KARE 11 will spring to buy me a mic from this century anytime soon?" (image courtesy of KARE11.com)

Before Superpookie goes on his site and blathers, let me beat him to the punch.

Superrookie and I attended the Como Park (3-0) vs. Henry Sibley (0-3) football game this afternoon at Griffin Stadium.

This game represented a battle between our respective alma maters. Since I have two sheepskins hanging on my wall, it should be apparent that Superrookie's the one that attended Como Park.

Sibley had been ranked #9 in the metro in pre-season polls, but knowledgable observers knew that the ranking was erroneous. The pollsters had been swayed by the fact that Sibley had two U of M recruits in quarterback Phil Haig and running back Andre Tate.

(Here's some footage of the most arrogant sportscaster in town, Randy Shaver, conducting a brutal interview of Haig during pre-season. Haig is sporting a sweet mohawk at the time. To top it off, Shaver tries to blow smoke up Haig's ass by telling him that he and Tate are the first two D-I players ever from Sibley; too bad Shaver's wrong. Quarterback Matt Booher played for Oregon State in the late 1980s.)

Unfortunately for Sibley, unless Haig and Tate play all eleven positions on both sides of the ball, the cupboard is pretty empty.

Add to that the fact that Tate broke a bone in his foot over the summer, didn't undergo immediate surgery, and, thus delayed his recovery by four-to-six weeks. He is just getting back to full-strength right now.

Sibley proved us doubters right, losing their first game this season to perennial Classic Suburban Conference doormat Simley.

The Warriors followed that up with a vomit-inducing loss at Tartan in Week Two.

As a bonus, Haig suffered some torn cartilege in his knee last week versus Tartan and will miss at least the next two games.

Because of all of this, I went ahead and paid off my wager of dinner at the Nook to Superrookie before the game.

I was that confident. That my alma mater would suck.

They did.

Sibley lost to an unspectacular Como Park team 13-6.

Congratulations, Superrookie. Oh, and if you call one more time to ask the score of today's game, I'm going to shove your Nextel phone down your throat the next time I see you...which will be tomorrow for the Minnesota-Temple game at 1pm. This will be the first game of the rest of my life as a Gopher football season ticket holder.


Watch for a Tuffy Racing Inc recap of this season's bicycle racing, coming soon!


Blogger Super Rookie said...

so who won?

Sat Sep 16, 02:54:00 PM 2006

Blogger irishmexguy@yahoo.com said...

I worked for Oregon State's ath dept in 80's-your post was fwd'd to me-to confirm---I live in Oregon and remember Matt Booher,(this from the Oregon St. media guide) former Henry Sibley HS (Mendota Hts, MN) qb that holds all school records, was MN All-State 1986, All American @ Inver Hills CC, (IGH MN) 1987, played in 18 PAC10 games, ALL-PAC10 1989(hm), captain 1990, finished top 10 career passing for Beavers, (#7), holds OSU record for consecutive completions in a game, then played in Europe 3 yrs winning European Championship as MVP- That reporter, Mr. Shaver needs better research.

Good for you getting it right.

Thu Feb 22, 10:03:00 AM 2007


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