Sunday, March 04, 2007

Ranking the 2007 ProTour Team Kits

20. Discovery Channel
Likes: Nothing, really; this is a terrible, terrible kit
Dislikes: Color combo; Vertical sponsor name; Huge planet on hip; Asymmetry; Yellow cuff for guy who doesn't even ride anymore

19. Liquigas
Likes: The shade of green they use has possibilities, though it's a remnant from a former sponsor
Dislikes: That striping (which continues onto the bibs) is an absolute eyesore; Blech

18. Astana
Likes: The fact that this team no longer has to dress up in those Liberty-Seguros clown suits
Dislikes: One word -- teal; More words -- fellas, get rid of the Liberty-Seguros kit template already!

17. Saunier-Duval
Likes: The interplay between the white and yellow; the fact that its not their 2006 kit
Dislikes: There are better ways to do yellow/white/black (see: Tinkoff); plus, they're using that same asymmetrical grey stripe, a la 2003 FDJ

16. Euskaltel-Euskadi
Likes: Well, it's unique
Dislikes: Orange with green accents? Really? At least they're going with orange/black bibs this year

15. Rabobank
Likes: Blue and orange can look really good
Dislikes: Blue and orange look really bad here; asymmetry

14. Unibet.com
Likes: Good color scheme and good logo
Dislikes: The logo is too small on the chest and those fading polka-dots remind you of the Birchwood spanks ("spanks" is used lovingly)

13. Bouygues Telecom
Likes: It looks like they've darkened up the blue a tone or two since last year
Dislikes: Still looks a little off; the Bouygues Telecom logo sucks; asymmetry

12. Predictor-Lotto
Likes: They went out on a major limb using a unique color
Dislikes: Their sponsor is a pregnancy test and it doesn't look pink, it looks salmon; asymmetry

11. Gerolsteiner
Likes: It's not terrible
Dislikes: They've lost their way since they traded navy for baby blue a few years ago; ab graphics; asymmetry

10. AG2R
Likes: It's unique and not quite terrible. Blue/yellow/white are ok together.
Dislikes: Blue/yellow/white don't look great together (hear me, LSC?); what's with that graphic on the gut?

9. Lampre
Likes: Very original; makes asymmetry look good; blue/hot pink work well together
Dislikes: No real changes from 2006 kit

8. Milram
Likes: A very classic kit template; the more you look at it, the more you like it
Dislikes: They've added a red stripe to the bibs this year to match the chest, but it doesn't look all that good

7. Caisse d'Espargne
Likes: The pattern in the black gives a "textured" look; black/red/white is always cool
Dislikes: What's with the red shoulder triangles?

6. T-Mobile
Likes: The only true classic in the ProTour right now; T-Mobile's had this same template in place since they switched their name from Team Telekom
Dislikes: I'm all about UNICEF and poor kids in Africa...except when it messes with good kit design

5. Cofidis
Likes: Finally, someone picked up the Saeco all-red kit torch; a massive improvement from their 2005-06 kits, which were terrible
Dislikes: The red front / white back could work, or it could look hideous; whoever the fat model was who modeled this jersey; phone numbers on a kit

4. Francaise des Jeux
Likes: Simple. Stylish. White.
Dislikes: When they use those blue bibs in the Classics -- let's hope they don't this year

3. CSC
Likes: Black/red/white looks good, with the bonus of more red this year; the ab graphics; the "feather" shoulder graphics
Dislikes: Their best kit was the 2004 version, and they're moving farther away from that kit every year

2. Quick-Step
Likes: A very classy, and classic, look for 2007; Solid blue with grey sleeves -- nice, simple, understated
Dislikes: That Boonen's not in the rainbow kit this year

1. Credit-Agricole
Likes: Great color scheme; great interplay between jersey and bibs (white highlights continue onto bibs)
Dislikes: That they don't win more

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