Tuesday, November 15, 2005

To Report One's Self Missing

[photo caption] One of the fleet of stallions in the Lunatic Biker's stable.

[Editor's Note: Fogbot has been up to his eyelids in, shall we say, "stuff" for the last week. He has been excused from his normal writing schedule until things settle down. --Ed.]

This is a quick note from the abyss:
1) The writing has been off lately. A lot of stuff has been going down. A lot. Thanks for your patience as you check back for new items. Hopefully it'll be sooner rather than later.
2) While reading Lunatic Biker's blog today, I noticed that he now has a link to this site. Thank you, Lunatic Biker! If you haven't clicked his link on this blog, do so. A very enjoyable read about a normal guy doing normal things, having a great time, and riding a bike. He and I know people in common (though he himself doesn't know me, nor I him), and I've actually seen him riding before -- on a great orange bike with matching Rabobank waterbottles (I believe it's a Salsa Las Cruces, for you uninitiated). Very Cipo, ATWR.
3) The onset of winter brings the onset of weight in many people. Jan Ullrich for one. Fogbot for another.
4) The onset of winter brings darkness -- physically, and sometimes mentally. It's the job of the seasonally unaffected to help those seasonally affected get through. Remember last winter and Hunter S. Thompson, for one.
5) Hospitals are the worst places on the face of the earth. The worst. (This has nothing to do with #4.)
6) Mischke (www.mischkemadness.com). Let him lull you to sleep tonight (10PM-12, AM1500, Twin Town).
7) The name of George Costanza's fictitious child.
8) Driver of that same number: go ahead and take a break.
9) Phonetically, the German word for "No".
(If you didn't get the last three, read the number in front of the message aloud first.)


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