Friday, August 18, 2006

Miss-and-Out Rules

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2. Track Racing
2B. Rider Conduct
These rules apply to scratch, handicap, miss-and-out, madison, and points races.
2B1. Leaders must occupy the sprinters lane unless far enough in the lead so as not to interfere with competitors seeking to pass. If the leader is below the sprinters line, the following riders may not pass underneath [relegation or disqualification].
2B2. A competitor overtaking another must pass on the outside unless the rider ahead is riding above the sprinters line. A rider who passes another must not in any way impede the progress of the passed rider [relegation or disqualification].
2B3. In the homestretch on the last lap, the leader(s) must ride a straight line parallel to the edge of the track [relegation or disqualification].
2B4. Blue Band. In all races it is permissible to ride below the measurement line, but never below the track surface on the blue band [relegation or disqualification].
2B5. When a rider has a crash that does not present a danger to the other riders, the race will not be neutralized. In case of a crash that causes a hazard to the other riders, the race may be neutralized by the starter. While the race is neutralized, all riders must ride slowly around the top of the track, maintaining their relative positions. Resumption of racing will be signaled by the starter when it becomes safe.
2B6. Riders who suffer a mishap may be assisted in restarting.

2E. Miss-and-Out
2E1. A miss-and-out (sometimes called "devil take the hindmost") is a massed start race in which the last rider over the line on designated laps is eliminated from the race. Riders may be eliminated every lap, every other lap, or on whatever regular schedule is stipulated before the race. Gaining a lap shall not prevent a rider from being pulled nor matter in the final placings. A rider shall be considered to have gained a lap upon reaching a position to take shelter behind the rearmost rider of the group.
2E2. Judging. The back edge of the rear tire determines who is the last rider over the line.
2E3. The Chief Judge shall notify the last rider over the line. The rider shall withdraw with due caution as soon as it is practical.
2E4. Pulling Riders. If a rider does not withdraw as instructed, the Chief Referee may call one or more free laps until the rider has retired. [A rider who blatantly disregards instructions to leave the field shall be subject to disqualification from the remaining events in the event and possible suspension.]
2E5. Riders suffering mishaps shall be eliminated. When fewer than 8 riders remain, riders suffering mishaps shall be placed ahead of riders already eliminated.
2E6. Finish. The miss-and-out may be ridden to the last person or to a specified number of survivors. In the latter case, there may be a free lap followed by a conventional sprint, judged on the order of finish by the front wheels. The format to be used must be explained to all riders before the start of the race.

Tuffy is unable to locate any rule for a Miss-and-Out race that refers to pulling a rider who has conceded the race, but is still riding and is still on the lead lap, once one his/her finishing position has been secured.

If you have knowledge of such a rule, please identify said rule and it's location in the "Comments" section below.

Thanks for your help.


Blogger Super Rookie said...

Some would say you are missing rule 2C4.

That is obviously the rule you broke.

Fri Aug 18, 02:27:00 PM 2006

Blogger Smithers said...

Rule 1B3.

Also, rule 1I4a pretty much covers anything and everything.

Fri Aug 18, 08:52:00 PM 2006

Blogger Skibby said...

When given miss and out instructions before a race, I've heard a thousand times that if a rider is not in contention he is out of the race...

Sun Aug 20, 11:28:00 PM 2006


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