Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A Better Business Model

Get this:
On Monday, Comcast implemented their new service and rate packages for 2007. I didn't think this would concern me.

That was until I punched in Channel 57 tonight at 6pm.

And Channel 57 didn't show up.

See, in St. Paul, Channel 57 was ESPN Classic. ESPN Classic is one of my favorite channels because of classic boxing action and, at 6pm every evening, "Stump the Schwab".

But now, Channel 57 in St. Paul is Channel 57.

So I called Comcast. It seems that I won't have any problem getting ESPN Classic back...so long as I pay an additional $4.95/month for Comcast's "Sports Tier".

Oh sure, with the "Sports Tier" I get some other channels, like Fox Sports Atlantic, Fox Sports Pacific, NFL TV, and SkySports (UK). The problem is, however, that I would have never had to make this call if ESPN Classic hadn't disappeared from my current package. And for that, I get to fork over another $4.95/month to the local cable monopoly. Beautiful.

Here's the best part, though: I can't even get ESPN Classic in my new "Sports Tier" until February 1.

Why? I have no idea. Neither did Patsy at Comcast. But, for now, ESPN Classic is lost in the Comcast broadcasting monolith for another 20 days.

Bottom line: Love ya, Comcast. "Comcastic", my ass.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's kind of how I felt when I lost the Speed channel or whatever it was called. I haven't watched a Formula-1 race since. But now I get more sleep on the weekends! There's always a bright side.

Wed Jan 10, 05:57:00 PM 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Wed Jan 10, 11:39:00 PM 2007


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