Sunday, February 19, 2006

More Thoughts While Watching Olympics

[photo caption] A time-lapse depiction of how not to win a gold medal in womens' snowboard cross. Photo: courtesy NBCOlympics.com

Some Larry King-like commentary on the 2006 Turin/Torino Winter Olympics:

I'm completely tired of this slacker attitude put forward by snowboarders and certain downhill skiers. If it doesn't matter to you how you perform, why are you at Turin? Explain yourselves.

How appropriate was it that Lindsey Jacobellis, ahead by an insurmountable margin in her womens' snowboard cross race, took a digger as she was trying to disrespect her competitors? Got what ya deserved, sweetie: silver.

There's no better breakfast drink for your heart than grape juice made from Concord grapes. Trust me.

A highlight of this Olympic broadcast had to occur last night when hockey commentator Ray Ferraro first disclosed his marriage to Cammy Granato, then proceeded to postulate that her absence from this year's team cost them a trip to the gold medal game. Good one.

Who spends more time on their knees? US goalie Rick DiPietro or US figure skater Johnny Weir?

Speaking of the US mens hockey team, why are they playing so timidly? Shoot the puck, bang home a couple of rebounds, and let's move on. Why are we looking for highlight reel goals on every shot?

Do you realize that the price of gasoline in some areas of this great country have gone up almost 100% since the 9/11 attacks?

Is there any feud more hilarious than the one going on between mens speed skaters Shani Davis and Chad Hedrick? After hearing and reading some of their comments towards each other, the combined ego sizes between them make it impossible to side with either one.

And how funny was Melissa Starks' interview with a visibly angry Shani Davis after he won the mens' 1,000 meter race?

Starks' best question: "Are you angry?"

Even more kudos for NBC and Starks for neglecting to mention a huge reason why Davis may be so upset: racist comments placed on his website after Davis refused to take part in the team pursuit race and Hedrick criticized him for it.

NBC continues to bastardize the English language. First, Dick Ebersol individually decides that "Torino" rolls off of the tongue better than does "Turin". Now, they're calling bobsledding "bobsleighing" instead. Enough already, Dick.

June is the greatest of all of the months.

Great mini-documentary on the 1994 team pursuit competition in Nordic skiing featuring a grueling race between the Norwegians and their superstar, Bjorn Daehlie, and the Italians, led by a drunk. Why can't you make it easier to find on your website, NBC?

It kills me how hard Bob Costas and Jim Lampley try to hide the fact that everything in their evening broadcasts is taped, having ended hours earlier. Way to pull the wool over my eyes, boys.

Why don't they ever show the "wives' section" during mens figure skating?

Who's more overrated: Bode Miller or Apolo Anton Ohno? My vote goes to Ohno.

I have a friend who plays professional hockey for the Rockford IceHogs of the UHL. One of his teammates, Bob Nardella, is playing for Team Italy due to some lax passport regulations by Italy. Good for him anyway, though.

I find that felt tip pens are easier to write with than ballpoint pens, though I write more clearly with ballpoint.

And finally, what may be the most amazing statistic in the entire Olympics: How many athletes does Scandinavian country Denmark have at these Olympics? 4. How many males? 0. How many sports are they competing in? 1 - curling.


Blogger T3 said...

"the combined ego sizes between them make it impossible to side with either one"

the nod goes to davis. i can't side with anyone that waxes their eyebrows. Hedrick's a twinkie.

Mon Feb 20, 09:41:00 AM 2006


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