Sunday, May 21, 2006

Open Letter

[photo caption] 23 year-old catcher Joe Mauer anchors the Minnesota Twins offense today, and for the next decade. (photo courtesy TheOaklandPress.com)

An open letter to Tom and Jeremy:

Our Joe Mauer conversation from last week just popped into my head. By the way, Mauer leads the Twins with a .338 average and is on pace to threaten 100 RBIs. His career batting average is .304.

He's only 23 years old. A hitter of his caliber could easier play until ages 36-40 if they desire. He probably won't end his career as a catcher, but it probably won't matter -- especially if the DH position still exists.

If he plays through age 36, based on his current pace, he would finish his career with approximately 3,122 hits. Based on the same projections, if Mauer played through age 40, on his current pace he'd total 4,014 hits -- #3 All-Time, behind guys named Rose and Cobb and ahead of a guy named Aaron. Just thought you'd like to know that.

Here's the batters that compare with Mauer based on his age (coming into the season). Info is courtesy of BaseballReference.com.

Benito Santiago
Bill Freehan
Shanty Hogan
Joe Torre
Derek Jeter
Milt May
Ed McFarland
Al Lopez*
Rich Gedman
Joe Sewell*

* = Hall of Famers. Add Jeter to that list, and possibly Torre (via Veteran's Committee).


Blogger AdamB said...

You already have Torre.


Mon May 22, 06:45:00 AM 2006

Blogger Tuffy said...

Sorry, Plan B, but Torre hasn't made it. If you were making a joke, I didn't get it.


Mon May 22, 08:05:00 AM 2006

Blogger T3 said...

So Basso holds a 3:27 advantage in a 3 week stage race, but it's too soon to call it... cuz he could get sick, or crash, or get busted for doping, etc.

Mauer's only 23 and it's not too soon to say he'll be top 3 all time? I mean, there's no chance he'll get injured, or just start to suck?

I'm just sayin'...

Mon May 22, 12:54:00 PM 2006

Blogger Tuffy said...

Basso parties with Rujano and his pile of white powder. Mauer doesn't even know how to spell Rujano...

Mon May 22, 03:41:00 PM 2006

Blogger AdamB said...

Oh, you meant the list of Hall-of-Famers. I thought you meant the list of hitters on pace with Mauer.

Keep up the good fight.

Wed May 24, 07:08:00 AM 2006


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