Thursday, January 05, 2006

Thoughts for Thursday January 5

(photo caption) You know, back when Fogbot was in college, drinking games only involved a funnel and a tube or doing handstands in front of a cylindrical, metal object.

Some thoughts for today:

--It looks as though the Vikings are going to hire Philadelphia OC Brad Childress to be the new head coach. Fogbot's not sure how he feels about this on a competitive professional football level, but Robert Duvall has to be excited about playing him in the soon to be made-for-TV movie, "Vikings Do Super Bowl, Homeboy."

--Fogbot's really pissed at Mpls-St. Paul magazine. They have an article in their pages this month actually giving a positive spin towards public education for once. However, since Fogbot is too cheap to buy the actual magazine, he searched in vain for it on-line. Apparently Mpls-St. Paul magazine has figured out the whole "pay for a subscription - don't steal it on-line" idea.

--If you Google the term "The Fog of Work", this page comes in numero uno in the search. However, the term "Fogbot" is only #5. And, much to this Fogbot's dismay, there seems to be many people using the name "Fogbot" for many different things.

--Fogbot posted under a different name over on Smithers' page a couple of times in the last few days, but he's sworn that off now. There's some politico debatish stuff going on that Fogbot weighed in on, but it seems now like it's just a ruse for Smithers to debate with someone named Tracy. And they ain't getting anywheres.

--Fogbot likes the color blue now instead of red for his hyperlinks.

--According to someone, this blog is worth $0.00. Check the bottom right corner of this page.

--Fogbot has oftened wondered about what the male skill-level equivalent of top level college or international female hockey players would be. Thanks to the U.S. Womens' Olympic Hockey Team, Fogbot has his answer: high school boys. That's right. Last night, the Warroad High School varsity hockey team defeated said Olympic team, one of the top two womens' teams in the world, 2-1. On the plus side for the women, Warroad is a traditional boys' hockey powerhouse in this state. On the minus side for the women, however, this vintage of the Warroad pucksters is only ranked #44 in the state right now. And they're high schoolers. Whoops.

--Speaking of U.S. Womens' Olympic teams: Those wily female lugers posed naked in support of a party drinking product and got in trouble with the USOC. Fogbot can't find the photo on-line, but the Star-Tribune had the image in their sports section today -- and it wasn't even a good picture; just some naked chicks hiding behind their luges. Much ado about nothing, though the USOC copyright lawyers were outraged.

--And just for fun, check out one of Tom Lyden's greatest hits.


Anonymous super rookie said...

spectator hmmmmm.


i love it.

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