Monday, June 12, 2006

And So It Is Done

[photo caption] An artist's depiction of what went on at both the Frederic road race and the Hutch crit over the weekend. (photo courtesy Londonist.com)

And so it is done.

I had a half-day of work today. Just time enough for me to clear out my office as well as my auxiliary room. Efficiency helped me take four files cabinets and whittle it down to about 10 manilla folders worth of material to pack up. The rest went in the trash.

I ended up taking (only!) three boxes and one brown paper bag worth of stuff and one black leather office chair with me upon leaving today. It's amazing the space saved by having most of your essential documents saved electronically, though that material did take up two 128 jump drives.

After I turned off the computer, I put the pencil down on the desk, turned the lights off one by one, AND SLAMMED THE DAMN DOOR!

And so it is done.

In other news:
--My next scheduled races are Thursday at the Velodrome and Saturday's criterium in Mankato. However, both may be scratched if I can't nail down health insurance before then.

--The Frederic Lions road race was held last Saturday in Frederic, Wisco. I didn't feel all that good before the race, but that all changed once the race started. I was active early in a bridge attempt and a chase before retiring to the "sprinter's lounge". Not that I'm a dominant sprinter, but that's where I chose to spend the rest of the race. Around mile 14 there was some sketchy riding up front that produced a mass braking that resulted in a huge pileup that began about two riders behind me. What a terrible sound. Then, about two miles later, teammate Fil busted his chain, leaving me all alone for the rest of the race. With about five miles left, I weaseled my way back to the front following a couple of turns. After a couple of failed attacks (by others), I lined up for the sprint at about 8th wheel. The guy right in front of me went for it at about 250 meters. I went with him and set sail on my own at about 150 meters. I ran out of gas at about 30 meters and three or four guys passed me before the line, putting me in 9th for the sprint and 11th overall in a field of over 100. I was pleased.

--The Hutchinson Crit was on Sunday. Since I'm trying my best to adhere to the old "If you can't say anything nice" adage, this will be my statement: I drove over an hour both ways to be able to race for 30 minutes in a parking lot on a very "technical" course that resulted in over half of the field being pulled from a ROY race.

--I forgot to say this about the Hutch Crit: If it's held in the same location next year, I won't be back.

--Super-Rookie.com brings its traveling freak show to the Velodrome on Thursday night. Come watch the carnage.

--There was a letter in the Pi-Press today that said that the Nature Valley Grand Prix time-trial scheduled for Wednesday night on Warner Road in St. Paul should be moved to Lake Phalen "where there's a path". I don't know who's more ignorant: the author, or the Pi-Press for publishing it.

--Speaking of the Nature Valley Grand Prix, look for me in downtown Mpls on Friday night. I'll be the one yelling at you to get off of the road because the cyclists are coming.

--Over and out.


Anonymous fil said...

frederic=less than 100 people racing
hutch=30minutes of racing if you werent pulled

Mon Jun 12, 04:44:00 PM 2006

Blogger Tuffy said...

a) Oh. Sorry. There were 95 riders at the start of Frederic. Sorry for embellishing the number by 6.

b) The cat 3/4 race was 35 minutes. I was pulled with 2-3 laps to go. That's pretty much 30 minutes on the nuts.

Mon Jun 12, 05:03:00 PM 2006

Anonymous fil said...

was the race really 35 minutes-local expert smithers says it was only 30 minutes-so given that ill go with the more credible smithers on this one

Mon Jun 12, 05:40:00 PM 2006

Anonymous super rookie said...

you better get some insurance to race on thursday.

or just show up to watch me.


Mon Jun 12, 06:53:00 PM 2006

Blogger The Phoenix said...

I shall join you and super rookie at the track.

Mon Jun 12, 08:58:00 PM 2006

Blogger Lunatic Biker said...

I'm pissing my pants with excitement. I still don't know what I'll be wearing.

Tue Jun 13, 11:00:00 AM 2006


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